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Electronic Cigarette Explodes in Man’s Mouth – The Complete Story.

It has recently been reported that an electronic cigarette exploded in a Florida man’s face while he was using the device. The incident left him “in a hospital with severe burns, missing his front teeth and a chunk of his tongue”.

Understandably, we have received many questions from e-cig users about the safety of the e-cigarettes given the recent story. Well, after looking into this a bit deeper, it appears there was some important information left out of the majority of the news reports.

We should first remind everyone, we are an electronic cigarette distributor and retailer, not a manufacturer. But rest assured the device was not sold by us, nor was it a brand that we carry.

According to Ray Story, CEO of the Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association, “The battery that failed was unrecognizable but they found several 3.0v (Cr123a) lithium ion batteries and a recharger so it strongly appears the man was using a MOD. For new people: Usually a tube like a flashlight that holds 2 of these batteries to create a more powerful ecigarette. ECF has been very vocal on the dangers of MODs using cheap, unprotected batteries or the incorrect load (rating) for the atomizer attached to it, etc. These MODs are very common but this shows how dangerous they can be. Be careful people!”

So while many in the media have had a field day at the expense of the electronic cigarette industry, it does appear that there is more to the story. To our knowledge there have been no such incidents with unmodified electronic cigarettes.

So while it may seem tempting, please remember that electronic cigarettes are electronic devices which should be used in accordance with each manufacturers instructions and specifications and should not be altered in any way.