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Electronic Cigarette Review

METRO electronic cigarettes are a premium brand of electronic cigarette manufactured by Nicotek and offered here by Nicotek is a US based company and is quickly establishing themselves as one of the leading brands of electronic cigarettes in the Unites States.

The Platinum METRO starter kit includes everything you need to begin e-smoking, AKA “vaping”. The starter kit includes 10 cigarette style refill cartridges, two rechargeable batteries, as well as a battery charger which has both an Auto and USB adapter. The METRO electronic cigarette comes in white, and includes traditional flavored cartridges in a variety of noctine strengths.

As a leading e-cigarette distributor we conducted an enormous amount of research before settling on a brand to build our business around. We feel that we have found the dependability that our customers demand in the METRO product line. The batteries have proven very reliable, which has reportedly been an issue with a number of brands on the market, and the device itself strongly replicates the tactile sensations that so many smokers have come to appreciate in their traditional cigarettes.

METRO electronic cigarettes offer a number over traditional cigarettes. Perhaps most significantly of which is the fact that e-cigs do not contain so many of the dangerous additives found in tobacco. METRO is the perfect solution for smokers who are looking for an alternative to smoking tobacco, as well as for smokers who simply want a legal way around the many smoking bans that are cropping up around the country.

An overview of the benefits of Electronic Cigarettes…

  • Electronic Cigarettes can be legally smoked in most places where tobacco is prohibited, including bars, restaurants, the workplace and even on many airplanes.
  • No nasty breath or “ashtray mouth”.
  • No dangerous second hand smoke. Electronic cigarettes are harmless to those around you.

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