Electronic Cigarettes Have Been Receiving A Lot Of Press Of Late

Smoking on planes, in restaurants, bars and many other public places have or are becoming something of the past. With no first or secondhand smoke emitted, an electronic cigarette is the way of the future to get your nicotine without all the harmful effects of regular tobacco products.

Consisting of a vaporizer, a rechargeable battery and a cartridge NJOY cigarettes emulate the feeling and look of smoking, without stinking up the house, staining your fingers and teeth or giving you that horrid smokers breath. In fact the vapor inhaled and exhaled has a near undetectable smell.

NJOY Cigarettes look like the real thing! There are a range of strengths available: regular, light and ultra light combined with different flavors: apple, menthol, vanilla, strawberry or traditional for your enjoyment. There is also a cartridge available containing no nicotine whatsoever so you can just inhale the flavorful vapor.

The NPRO device looks like a regular cigarette, while the NCIG device is longer and more elegant looking, not unlike the cigarettes you would see in mid 1900’s Hollywood movies. The tip lights up when you draw on the Electronic Cigarette and also lets you know when the battery needs recharging or when it is self-cleaning.

Although not advertised as a smoking cessation product, many people are turning to NJOY Cigarettes as an alternative to regular tobacco products.

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