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History of the Smokeless Electronic Cigarette

Electronic cigs have been around for a while. In fact, it was all the way back in the 60’s when a scientist created the first smokeless electronic cigarette as an alternative for smoking tobacco. And eventhough his invention totally worked, tobacco was a serious fad at the time and most folks weren’t looking for anything different. So, the earliest e-cigs were a failure commercially. They never made it much past those earliest stages of development.

But fast forward 40 years to 2004. Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmicist revisited the e-cig invention and introduced it to the marketplace at a time when folks WERE looking for healthier choices for getting their nicotine. It couldn’t have come at a better time for Hon Lik. What with all the state, national, and international efforts to put out smoking in public places. And smoking in general for that matter. Everyone knows smoking tobacco cigs is bad for you. Sure, there’s the obvious stuff like tar, ash, smoke, and second hand smoke. But there’s also all kinds of chemicals that are hard to pronounce.

But E-cigs don’t have any of that stuff. It’s just nicotine in liquid that’s heated up to form a water vapor. There’s no smoke, no tar, no tobacco, no ash, no second hand smoke. Its been over 8 years since they hit the market and they’re really making an impression with folks who need an alternative. And there are lots of choices: disposable, 2 piece, 3 piece. But when Hon Lik came out with the first vaping device he only had 1 type of model. And it had plenty of issues:

  • The battery life was incredibly short. It would be a real bummer to only get a few puffs in before having to throw away your cig because the battery went dead.
  • The throat hit was seriously weak. Most folks aren’t looking for a new habit. They want something that feels like what they’re used to.
  • The liquid capacity was lackluster. The liquid is where all the nicotine is stored. So, you don’t want to have to change cartridges all the time.

But we’ve come a long way. Now you can get as many as 300 puffs in one cartridge! The battery will last you 1-3 days. And you can recharge the battery. Not only that you can charge it with a USB charger, a wall charger, or in your car. You can vape anywhere. And you can get flavored cartridges like blueberry and vanilla too.
Now that folks are looking for alternatives for smoking tobacco cigs, smokeless electronic cigarettes couldn’t have come at a better time.