How Metro Electronic Cigarettes Work?

Getting Started:

Each Metro Electronic Cigarette Platinum Starter Kit includes 2 rechargeable lithium-ion battery, 10 hybrid cartridges, 1 USB battery charger, 1 mini wall charger, 1 mini car charger, an 1 deluxe tin carrying case . Follow these steps to get started using your Metro E-Cigarette.

    • Screw your Metro battery into the provided USB battery charger, turning clockwise.

Plug your USB charger into any standard USB port on a computer or using an AC(wall) or DC(car) adapter (sold separately).

  • Your battery will be fully charged when the RED light on the USB charger turns GREEN.
  • Unscrew your battery from the charger. Find your cartridge, remove the protective wrap and silicon caps, and screw onto your battery, turning clockwise.
  • Now you are ready to smoke. Suck on the E-cigarette as you would a traditional cigarette.
  • Use the included Deluxe Tin carrying case to hold your Metro E-cigarette, extra cartridges, and USB adapter so you can enjoy your Metro wherever your please.

*NOTE: The Metro E-cigarette has an “overdrag” protection mechanism built in. This prevents a user from taking in too much nicotine at one time and from cartridge overheating.

Visual Breakdown:
How an Electronic Cigarette works


  • Battery and Flavor Cartridge work together to produce vapor when inhaled.
  • Press Metro to your lips and inhale; the red LED light at the tip glows like a cigarette.
  • The unique thing about the Metro pack is that it doubles as a deluxe carrying case.
  • The battery can be charged using a standard wall outlet with the USB adapter.
  • To replace a cartridge, hold the battery with one hand and twist off the used one.

If you have further questions about how to use your Metro, feel free to contact us by email at