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Know the Facts About Electronic Cigarettes Before You Buy E Cigs

Smokeless Cigarettes have been gaining in popularity all over the world for countless tobacco users.   Due to the attention, many are wondering if they really are a cheaper and healthier substitute for smoking.  Are they really a great alternative to cigarettes?   Well, the products creators and the users have made claims that ecigs are a healthier, cheaper version without all the smoke, second hand smoke, bad smells, or chemicals. You should know the facts about electronic cigarettes before you buy e cigs.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you’re looking to make the switch:
1.  No tar, tobacco, carbon monoxide, or ash.  Nothing actually burns.  So, there is not a need for tobacco as tinder.  And that means none of the by-products of burning are a factor either like carbon monoxide and ash.  You’ll never need an ash tray again.

2.  You’ll get the same amount of nicotine as a traditional cig.  Yep.  You can actually control how much nicotine you want.  Electric cigs use cartridges to hold the nicotine in a liquid form.  So, if you want more nicotine there is a higher percentage of nicotine in the liquid.  And you can also order refill cartridges with no nicotine at all!


3.  Cheaper.  It is way more efficient to vape instead of smoke.  Just 1 cartridge will last the equivalent of 1.5 to 2 packs of tobacco smokes.  The average smoking consumer can expect to save well over $1000 every year!

4.  No more smoking smell.  There really isn’t much of an odor at all.  The vapor just disappears soon after you exhale.  Just by cutting out the actual burning of the cig you’re able to cut down on the source of most of the “smoker” smell.

5.  Enjoy different flavors.  You can always order cartridges in traditional flavor.  But there are a variety of other tastes to consider if you’re interested.  Check out menthol, vanilla, and blueberry cartridges.

6.  Vape where smoking is banned.  Ecigs are literally just liquid nicotine and water heated into a vapor.  There is no smoke.  That means there is no second hand smoke.  So, public places like restaurants, theatres, trains, etc are much more accepting of the non offensive electronic cig.

7. Less harmful.  The ecig gives you the nicotine but none of the other 4,000 chemicals you’ll get from the traditional cig.

Now you should know the facts about electronic cigarettes when you buy e cigs.  The benefits are numerous.  If you want to avoid the cons of smoking you should definitely consider getting a good starter kit here.