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Metro Refill 6 Pack Bundle

Metro Refill Cartridge 6 PackYou can now save $20 when you purchase the Metro Refill Cartridge 6 Pack.

Each 6 Pack comes with 36 refill cartridges. That means that you get 6 packs for the price of 5. The price doesn’t get better than that!The 6 packs are available in both traditional and menthol flavor, and come in a variety of nicotine strengths (select during check out).

Each 6 pack includes:

  • 6 – packs of refill cartridges in your desired flavor/strength (36 cartridges total).
  • Refill Cartridges come 3 per bottle, (12 bottles total), for added freshness.

Retail Price $119.95

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Metro Auto-Shipmnt Refill Cartridge ProgramAuto-Shipment Refill Program

We now offer our customers the convenience of ordering METRO electronic cigarette replacement cartridges with our Auto-Shipment Refill Cartridge Program.

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