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Does the Electronic Cigarette Work?

Lots of people are talking about electric cigarettes. There are various health related claims but are they true? Does the electronic cigarette work? If you’re gonna spend the money to switch to ecigs you should know. You’ll be relieved to know that these cool little gadgets are very effective alternatives to smoking your traditional, tobacco cigs. That’s why so many people are switching to them! And really, its because of these 3 significant reasons you might want to consider getting a starter kit and start vaping!

1. Inhale and get your nicotine: Sure, there are pills, chewing gum, and all sorts of other stuff out there to satisfy your want for nicotine. But at the end of the day if you wanted to pop pills or chew gum wouldn’t you have started that in the first place? The great thing about ecigs is that the sensation and the experience is what you’re already used to and enjoying. Simply take a drag like you’ve always done with your tobacco cig and you’l get the throat hit and nicotine just like before. The difference here is that with ecigs, the nicotine is in a liquid completely devoid of all of the harmful tobacco, tar, and other nasty additives that are the cons of smoking. There is no smoke, fire, ash, or second hand smoke. That is because its just water vapor. How does it work? When you take a drag, the battery turns on and gives power to the atomizer which is the heating element. That atomizer heats up the liquid nicotine in the cartridge into water vapor and THAT is what you inhale. This video explains it a bit further:


Plus, if you want to control the amount of nicotine you can do that too! Lack of nicotine can make you feel anxious and irritable. Ecigs come in varying strengths so you can get as little or as much of the nicotine you want. You can choose regular strength all the way down to zero percent. Yes, there are non nicotine ecigs!

2. Hold on to what you like: As all smokers know, there is much more to smoking than just nicotine. Its the feel of it. Its the need to hold something in your hands. Its an oral fixation of sorts, something to do. It makes some of us feel less bored. Or maybe it makes you more productive. Many like to smoke while they think. For all of these reasons, most smokers don’t want to consider alternatives that don’t give the sensation and physical satisfaction of holding the cig. Well, e-cigs are the way to go. The shape and weight of electronic cigarettes like metro and nicotek have very similar weight and feel to traditional smokes. They’re really easy to get used to.

The biggest difference is that you can enjoy these in most of the places that have banned smoking! Puff away in your favorite restaurant, on a train, at the movies, or at a club. Since there is no smoke there is no second hand smoke either. So, smokeless cigs are accepted almost anywhere.

3. And you’ll save money too. How many times have you had to step outside for a drag only to end up throwing half of it away because the party is inside? Well, you’ll never have to do that anymore when you switch to electric cigs. You can take a puff and put the rest away for later. Not only that, 1 ecig will last as long as 1.5-2 packs of your old smokes! Think of how much money you’ll save.

For these 3 reasons you might want to check out a starter kit and make the switch.  You’l have everything you need to start vaping.  Does the electronic cigarette work? Of course they do! They’re perfect alternatives to smoking. And they’ll give you the nicotine and smoking sensation you want without the harmful affects of tobacco smoking. And, you’ll save money.

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Save Money and Smoke Healthier with The Best Cigarette Rolling Machine

Looking for alternatives to smoking all that nasty stuff in your cigarettes?  You know what I’m talking about:  Tobacco cigs are loaded with all kinds of chemicals, tar, and who knows what else.  The big companies put that stuff in there to increase their profits.  Have you ever considered just making your own?  You can literally be smoking pure tobacco with the Powermatic 2 Injector Machine.  Its the best cigarette rolling machine for saving money and getting a healthier smoke.

You can control what you’re smoking.  Just roll your own without all the dangers suspicious stuff.  If you’ve never seen one, Its a surprisingly easy process too.  So, how does the powermatic 2 work?

1. Just grab a pinch of tobacco and place it in the hopper.  Grinded tobacco works best.  And, you want to make sure its not humid because that could potentially clog the machine.

2. Using your fingers gently tamp down and fill the corners until its moderately packed.  For a great smoke, try not to pack it too tight. One cool thing about the powermatic 2 is that the red indicator light
will come on if its too tight.

3. Fit the cig tube onto the injector.  If the tube is crinkled simply flatten it out smoothly and twist it on the injecter gently.

4. Then just pull the lever and you’re done.  You’ve just made your own cig!  Its that simple.

Not only will you be smoking a pure tobacco cig, but you’ll save money too.  There is of course the initial investment of the rolling machine price.  But it’ll pay for itself quickly and then you’ll be saving a ton. These days a pack of cigs will run you anywhere from $6 to $8. But, if you make them yourself you could be spending less than a dollar
for a pack!  Once you get the automatic cigarette maker all you’ll need is tobacco and the tubes.  Everything else comes with it including:

  • tobacco debris tray
  • bristle bore brush
  • high quality soft brush
  • metal poker
  • mini hopper attachment
  • internal power supply with a detachable cord.

Big tobacco companies put all of those chemicals and tar into their cigs to increase their profits.  But, you don’t have to smoke that stuff when you roll your own.  Its quick, easy and cost effective. So, if you’re looking for an alternative, you might want to consider rolling your own pure tobacco cigs just the way you like them.  Check
out the Powermatic 2 Injector Machine.  It really is the best cigarette rolling machine.


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Electronic Cigarettes are Perfect Alternatives to Smoking Tobacco

Smoking tobacco is without a doubt one of the hardest habits you could ever try to break. Even though there are tons of undeniable health concerns with traditional cigs, millions of folks turn to smoking everyday as a stress reliever, cure for boredom, and other reasons. But you can have your nicotine without all the harmful additives! Electronic cigarettes are alternatives to smoking tobacco cigs. E cigs provide the nicotine you want without the tar, ash, flame, smoke, and other harmful and annoying products of smoking tobacco.

electronic cigaretteSome people get nervous trying out new things. So, here are 2 ways you can give electronic cigarettes a try. If you want to switch from tobacco cigarettes to e cigs, here’s what you can do:

Disposable electronic cigarettes are 30% smaller than normal e cigs. This makes them closer to the weight and feel of the tobacco smokes you’re used to. Each disposalble ecig will give you around 300 puffs or 1.5-2 packs of traditional cigs! Just puff away and throw them away just like you’ve always done.

Or, you could go with the electronic cigarette starter kit. This will give you everything a smoker needs to transition from an unhealthy smoker to a e cig vaper. With the metro electronic cigarette starter kit, you’ll get 2 batteries, 10 cartridges, a USB charger, wall charger, and car charger. Plus you’ll get a free carrying case. So, you can take your ecigs everywhere now that you can smoke pretty much anywhere!

Despite the harmful affects of tobacco cigs, the rising cost of traditional smoke has gotten out of hand. E cigs give you that nicotine fix for less money. E cigs give you the nicotine in the form of water vapor. The nicotine is a liquid which is then heated up. So, when you take a drag, just like you would with your tobacco cigs, you’re breathing in nicotine with all the throat hit you’re used to.

Ecigs offer varying levels of nicotine, just like with tobacco cigs. Just choose your strength. You can even get e cigarettes without nicotinel! The big difference between switching to ecigs via disposable e cigarettes or the starter kit is obviously the ability to use them again and again. The batteries in the starter kit are rechargeable. Once you make the transition, you would just need to buy additional cartridges. You can get them in traditional flavor or even blueberry and vanilla!

Electronic cigarettes are socially accepted alternatives to smoking tobacco. There’s no fire, smoke, ash, or second hand. There’s just vapor, heated water. You can easily make the transition. For everything you need to give them a try check out the metro starter kit by clicking here.