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Vape Away the Cons of Smoking Cigarettes

With all the cons of smoking cigarettes, there is absolutely no reason for you to keep throwing away your money on these ridiculously high prices and taxes. You can get a much healthier, affordable option with electronic cigarettes.

The New York Times recently reported that lower income smokers will spend significantly more on cigarettes than smokers with higher incomes. Startling? Consider this: one study by Public Health and Policy stated finding that smokers in New York who earn less than 30 grand a year will spend over 25% of their yearly income on tobacco. Compare that to the wealthier New York smokers who on average spend much, much less, only 2% of their income on smokes. Now, let’s state the obvious: the more money you make, the less you’re going to spend on any product as percentage of your total yearly income.

But, still, there are some important conclusions we can learn from the study… Cheaper e-cigs are a good alternative to smoking tobacco. And that is valid if you’re living in Georgia, Italy, or Boston! Every year the taxes on tobacco ramp up. Governments are constantly try to curb tobacco consumption by taxing punitively.

How much can you save?
The traditional pack of tobacco cigs can run you around $6. Once you get a starter kit with rechargeable batteries all you’ll have to replace often is the cartridge on your smokeless cig. Just one cartridge is equal to nearly a full pack! And it’ll only cost about $2. You’ll save almost 4 buck in each pack.

You’ll waste less as well. Ever want to take a couple drags and that’s it? With tobacco smokes, you’ll just end up throwing the rest away. Not with ecigs though. Take a couple puffs and put it away for later.

You’ll get hundreds of puffs on an electronic cigarette. And you’ll spend about 40% less money doing so. If you choose to vape with rechargeable ecigs you’ll save even more!
Not only could ecigs save you money. But, there are lots of other benefits as well:
Ecigs have no flame, tar, or smoke. So, there’s also no ashtrays, matches, lighters, or second hand smoke. You can vape almost anywhere!

With all of the cons of smoking cigarettes, why not try electronic cigs? You might want to get a starter kit.  It has everything you need to begin vaping.  Get it here.