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Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette is the Perfect Alternative for Smoking Tobacco

Alternative-for-Smoking-TobaccoE cigarettes are growing in popularity. I’m starting to see them everywhere. But in conversation with some family and friends it became clear to me that there are still a lot of people who don’t know what they are or how they work. It seems like they just came out of nowhere. But in fact they were invented decades ago. And the current incarnation has been available since around 2004. Now, since celebrities are boasting and gushing about their benefits the smokeless cig is becoming much more widely known and available. The secret is out: rechargeable electronic cigarette is the perfect alternative for smoking tobacco.

What are they? The electronic cigarette (e-cig for short) is an alternative for the unhealthy nastiness of tobacco cigs. It can look very much like regular cig or sometimes like a sylish pen. Its generally the same size and shape. But instead of the tobacco and filter its made of a battery, heating element, and liquid. Essentially, ecigs are a nicotine delivery system. They work pretty much like atomizers or humidifiers where liquid is heated up and turned to vapor. Except, in this case, the liquid is water and nicotine.

So, how does it work? The first thing you need to do when you buy ecigs is plug the battery into a charger. There are many ways to do this. The electronic cigarette starter kit from nicotek comes with a wall charger, a car adapter, and a USB charger for your computer. So, you can charge your cig anywhere. Once its charged the life of the batter will depend on how long you use it. But generally even the most serious smokers will enjoy the same battery for a whole day. The cartridges hold the good stuff: the nicotine. Its nicotine in a liquid form. You can get it in various strengths and flavors. So if you want to just vape without the nicotine just order nicotine-free metro refill cartridges. And you might also try the flavored cartridges like menthol, vanilla, and blueberry. Some models require the push of a button. But when you use nicotek ecigs you simply have to inhale and drag like you would with your old cigs. The LED light will turn on to let you know that its working. This means that the atomizer is heating and vaporizing the nicotine liquid in the cartridge. When you take a drag, the feeling is remarkably similar to what you’re used to with tobacco cigs. You’ll feel the throat hit, then the vapor entering your lungs where the nicotine is absorbed. And then you exhale.

What are the benefits? If you’ve ever looked for an alternative to smoking you know that patches and chewing gum don’t satisfy the tactile feeling of actually bringing the cig to your lips, feeling the hit on your throat, and exhaling. The process is viceral and calming. There’s also the social element of having a smoke with your drink, meal, or while you’re hanging with your friends. This social element is why so many are turning to ecigs to replace their tobacco smokes. You can still get your nicotine with the mechanics of smoking but without the cons of smoking cigarettes. You don’t have to stand outside restaurants, venues, and clubs. You’ll be happy to know that ecigs are currently exempt from most of the smoking bans. There is no smoke! So, that means there is no second hand smoke. Plus, you’ll be avoiding all of the nasty unhealthy ingredients like tobacco, tar, and chemicals that make tobacco cigs so unhealthy. Another huge benefit is that they’re reusable. Starter kits and refills are available here. So you always have a charged cig nearby.

They look a lot like regular tobacco smokes. But since they’re just emitting vapor you’ll quickly notice that odors associated with smoking aren’t there either. That’s because nothing is burning. You’ll no longer have to worry about the bad odor on your clothes or in your home. And no more bad smoker’s breath. Now you can see why the rechargeable electronic cigarette really is the perfect alternative for smoking tobacco.

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Are Electronic Cigarettes Bad for You?

Smoking is enjoyable for a lot of folks. But, the unavoidable truth is that it is not only an unhealthy practice but harmful for those around you. But there are other options than the old tobacco cig. Smokeless electronic cigarettes are a healthier alternative for you the smoker and the people around you. Are electronic cigarettes bad for you? Only if you don’t like a cleaner smoke with more options that’ll save you money.

  • More control: You control the nicotine. Want to reduce the amount of nicotine you inhale? With ecigs, you can purchase cartridges with varying nicotine strenghts. You can even choose to smoke nicotine free cigs.
  • Reduced health risks: If there is one reason that smoking should give you pause, its the known serious health risks that tobacco cigs can present. This is no secret. Its one of the leading cause of cancer. Why? because it fills your lungs with carcinogens from the tobacco burning. Not to mention all the chemicals, additives, and tar you’re ingesting as well. But with electronic cigs, there is no smoke, ash, tar, tobacco, or even a flame! You’ll get the nicotine you’re looking for. But, there are far less health risks than the ones that come with smoking traditional cigs. You won’t even really be smoking. There is no smoke remember. Its commonly referred to as “vaping” because you’re breathing in water vapor. How do they work? When you take a drag on an e cigarette, the pressure turns on a battery which gives power to an atomizer. This atomizer heats up the liquid nicotine in a cartridge turning it into water vapor. And that is what you breathe in when you take a drag.
  • Save money. Ecigs are way cheaper than tobacco cigs. Let’s put it into perspective: A carton of real cigs will cost you around $10 for a pack of 20. But just once ecig cartridge will cost you half of that and last as long 20 cigarettes! Depending on your habits, you could be saving a lot of money. If you smoke regularly you could pocket up to $2000 a year! Do you ever light up just for a few drags only to throw the rest away? How wasteful is that? Its like literally throwing money away. But, electronic cigs you can take a couple of drags and put it away for later. Think of all the money you’ll save!
  • No smoke: Smokey breath and yellow teeth are just part of the territory when you smoke. But with ecigs you can enjoy a much cleaner smoke. And because of that, most restaurants, bars, and public places have no problem with vapers lighting up indoors.

So, if you’re a smoker and you’ve been wondering “Are electronic cigarettes bad for you?” You might want to consider the cleaner, money saving option of smokeless electronic cigarettes.