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Facts About Electronic Cigarettes

Curious about ecigs? They’re a perfect alternative for smoking tobacco cigarettes. In fact, you’ll be pretty amazed at how quickly you’ll adapt to vaping instead of smoking. They’re less expensive. There’s no flame, less litter, and none of the over harmful chemicals like tar added are added to traditional cigs.  In fact, it doesn’t even burn at all. It delivers the nicotine by heating it up into a vapor. So how do they work? What are they made of? Check out these facts about electronic cigarettes:

What is it made of?
E-cigs have up to 5 components including the indicator light, mouthpiece, cartridge, rechargeable battery, and vaporizer unit. The indicator light is pretty self explanatory actually. It lights up show when the ecig is in use. The battery’s function is to power the vaporizer unit and the indicator light. The cartridge holds the liquid made up of nicotine, water, propylene glycol, and sometimes flavors like blueberry and vanilla. Sometimes the cartridge and vaporizer are combined into one component. The mouthpiece is used in the same way that traditional, tobacco cigarettes are used. But, instead of burning the tobacco and drawing smoke into the users lungs, the e-cig’s mouthpiece draws vapor.

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How does it work?
When an e-cig smoker inhales the nicotine liquid is heated and turned to vapor. Replacement liquid is available for some brands. But new cartridges are already full and ready to enjoy. The batter is charged by using a traditional plug or USB port.

How much nicotine?
Nicotine levels may vary according to smoking preference. E-cig smokers can choose from zero to 18 mg or more. Electronic cigs have no flame. And, they have much less litter and waste. No more cigarette butts and ash trays.

Other facts:

  • There are some myths out there. So lets debunk them and get to the facts about electronic cigarettes: Electronic cigarettes aren’t being sold and marketed to kids. The fact is ecigs are intended for smokers of the legal smoking age. Just like tobacco cigs, you’ve got to be 18 years old or older to buy electronic cigarettes.
  • Its no secret as to what an ecig is made up of. Studies have been conducted and the results and ingredients are commonly known. Ever checked out how many chemicals go into a tobacco cig? Well over 4000. And, most of them are harmful and hard to pronounce.
  • Electronic cigs arent expensive. When you compare the e cig vs real cig the cost comparison is pretty obvious. Committed vapers may spend around $30-$50 each month. As opposed to traditional cigs that can burn a $300 hole in your pocket every month! The savings is significant.

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