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Best Disposable Electronic Cigarette Review has a large selection of everything you need to start vaping. We also have single use e cigs! Its a convenient way to be able to enjoy all of the numerous benefits of electronic cigs, but you don’t have to worry about charging a battery. If you’re looking for the best disposable electronic cigarette review you’re going to want to check out the metro 7 disposable cig here.

Are you looking out for a cheaper alternative to tobacco cigs in order to save money. If so, the disposable e cig is a really smart choice. The single use cig has a similar feel to a regular tobacco cigarette. Except they are equivalent to 1.5 to 2 packs of your old cigs. How great is that? 2 packs worth of smokes out of 1 e-cig!

Not only can you save money when you buy e cigs, but they’re really convenient too. How often have you wanted to just grab a couple drags only to have to throw the rest away? That is just tossing money into the trash! With a disposable e-cig, simply take a couple puffs and put the rest away for the next time you want to vape. The metro disposable cig is a great alternative that you can enjoy anytime and they make a great conversation piece at special occasions, parties, or events. And, they also make a perfect gift for family, co-workers, and friends.

Traditional cigarettes contain all kinds of harmful substances like tar, carbon monoxide, and hard to pronouce chemicals. But, metro e cigs don’t contain any of those things. They make a great cigarette substitute. And to top it all off, there isn’t any smoke either! So, that means no flame, ash, or second hand smoke. With an electronic cig you can now smoke almost everywhere you couldn’t smoke before whether you’re in restaurant, train, or shopping. You can even puff away at sporting events, taxis, and some movie theatres! Virtually everywhere you were turned away for smoking before, your metro disposable cig can go.

If you’re looking for the best disposable electronic cigarette review then metro 7 from nicotek is the way to go. And, they come in different flavors. You can choose between regular and menthol. Check them out and buy e cigs here.

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Disposable E Cigarettes

Metro disposable electronic cigarettesThe “METRO SEVEN” disposable electronic cigarettes (from Nicotek) are 30% smaller than the standard METRO e-cigs. This makes these disposables much more similar to the same size and weight of a traditional tobacco cigarette.

The Metro disposable cigarettes come in packages of four. The packaging is also made of sturdy cardboard that is also similar to that of a traditional cigarette pack, further replicating the tactile feel of cigarettes that most smokers are used to. They are available in traditional and menthol flavor with 1.8% nicotine by volume.

Just smoke your Metro disposable and then throw it away or recycle it when you’re finished.

Each disposable cigarette is equivalent to approximately 1.5 – 2 packs of traditional cigarettes, or 300 puffs. This will vary based on each smokers individual habits.

The Metro Disposable Four Pack Includes:

  • 4 – Metro Disposable Electronic Cigarettes
  • 1 – Sturdy Cardboard carrying package

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