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How Does the Smokeless Cig Avoid the Cons of Smoking Cigarettes?

People smoke for a variety of reasons. Sure there’s the need for a nicotine fix. That is without a doubt the most widely known reasons for why people spend thousands of dollars a year on cigarettes. But there many other reasons as well. Some reach for a cig when they want to relax. Others like to take a drag when they’re drinking or eating. But there is also the actual action of smoking. Its the tactile physical and emotion sensation of holding it in between your fingers, taking a drag, feeling the throat hit, and exhaling a cloud. The smokeless cig gives you all of this without the cons of smoking cigarettes. Here’s a review of what you get when you buy ecigs:

Anyone who has ever tried to use alternatives to smoking like chewing gum and patches will tell you that its the physical and emotional urges that are not being met. That’s why the electronic cigarette is gaining in popularity so quickly. This neat little smokeless device literally gives you the action and pleasures you associate with your traditional smokes but without the tobacco, tar, chemicals, odors, and more! You get the nicotine you want the way you always gotten it but in a less harmful way.

So lets take a look at all the reasons people buy e-cigarettes:

1. No first hand or second hand smoke:
There’s no smoke, period. So that means there isn’t any first hand or second hand smoke either. So you can enjoy them in almost any of the public places you’re forbidden with tobacco cigs.

2. Virtually odorless: Nicotine has no smell really. The smells associated with your old cigs is from the tobacco and tar burning. So you won’t have to worry about the smell on your clothes, skin, and hair.

3. Contains no tobacco:
How does it work? Well, the nicotine is delivered in the form of water vapor. A battery gives power to an atomizer that heats up the liquid nicotine and turns it into vapor. And that’s what you breathe in when you take a drag.

4. No more embarrassment or guilt:
You won’t stink. And you won’t be putting your friends and family in harm’s way. In fact, most people are intrigued about the cool gadget you’re using. Its quite a conversation starter.

5. Non-flammable: There is no flame. So, you’ll never need an ashtray again. Plus, there’s less risk of fires. The ecig only turns on when you inhale. And it turns off when you exhale.

6. Easy to use, convenient:
Ever wanted just a drag or 2 only to waste an entire cig? Not anymore! With ecigs you can just grab a couple puffs and put it away.

7. “Tobacco-like” taste and flavors: Nicotek refills have a number of flavors to choose from including traditional, menthol, vanilla, and blueberry.

8. Lower cost than traditional smoking: When you buy ecigs you’ll be saving thousands of dollars a year. Get yourself a starter kit and you’ll have everything you need to start vaping today. Over the next year most people have save about half of their typical yearly costs in smokes.

So, there you have it: the smokeless cig gives you the nicotine plus the physical and emotional sensations you want but without the cons of smoking cigarettes.

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How to Find the Best Electronic Cigarette for Sale

electronic-cigarette-for-saleWith all of the public bans on smoking and the health concerns its really no wonder so many people are switching to smokeless cigs.  They don’t have any tobacco, tar, or flame.  So there is no smoke or second hand smoke to worry about.  That’s why e-cigs are accepted in far more places.   Once you decide to make the switch, choosing the right electric cig for you is something you should carefully consider.  Think about your consumption levels and your taste preferences.  These things are vital in making a smooth transition from your old tobacco smokes.  Here are a few things to keep in mind to find the best electronic cigarette for sale for you.  These will help you get optimal satisfaction and reasonable costs.

Determine how much you will use.  Be honest with yourself when you’re in the shopping process.  Are you a hardcore smoker or do you just do it socially?   Some ecigs may be a better fit for social smokers than folks who puff many times a day.   Once you can categorize yourself based on your habits you’ll be able to choose a product that is more closely tailored to satisfy your needs.

Know the difference between value and cheap.  In other words, get familiar with the products.   The products that are priced the lowest may only have a nominal amount of accessories.   For instance, if you decide to purchase a starter kit you will want to make sure that it comes with everything you need to power, charge, and provide the nicotine to your ecig for a long time. And some of the cheaper ones may not have much of a supply.  If you’re a regular smoker, you’ll be glad to know that the metro e-cigarette starter kit comes with 2 batteries and 10 cartridges.  Those will last you the equivalent of 1.5-2 packs each.  So, you’ll be stocked up with equal to about 15-20 packs! You might also want to think about how strong of a nicotine level you prefer.  The same goes for flavor.  Some people like the traditional flavor.  Others prefer the vanilla and blueberry options.  You might want to experiment a bit until you find the strength and flavor variety suits you best.

If you just want to try it once then a disposable ecig may be a good idea for you. The only bummer with those is that you don’t get the benefits of the rechargeable batteries.  So, you’ll be buying way more product in the long run.
When you decide to make more of a commitment you’re gonna want to go with a kit.  The charger is a must.  Eventhough the batteries will last a good while, its no fun to want to vape and not have a charged battery nearby.  One thing you might want to consider is the recharge pack.  Not only does it hold your batteries and cartridges.  But, the case also plugs into the wall!

So, if you curiosity has gotten the best of you and you’re ready to start looking for the best electronic cigarette for sale, just keep these things in mind.  You’ll get the optimal personal experience and get it at reasonable costs too.

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Best Disposable Electronic Cigarette Review has a large selection of everything you need to start vaping. We also have single use e cigs! Its a convenient way to be able to enjoy all of the numerous benefits of electronic cigs, but you don’t have to worry about charging a battery. If you’re looking for the best disposable electronic cigarette review you’re going to want to check out the metro 7 disposable cig here.

Are you looking out for a cheaper alternative to tobacco cigs in order to save money. If so, the disposable e cig is a really smart choice. The single use cig has a similar feel to a regular tobacco cigarette. Except they are equivalent to 1.5 to 2 packs of your old cigs. How great is that? 2 packs worth of smokes out of 1 e-cig!

Not only can you save money when you buy e cigs, but they’re really convenient too. How often have you wanted to just grab a couple drags only to have to throw the rest away? That is just tossing money into the trash! With a disposable e-cig, simply take a couple puffs and put the rest away for the next time you want to vape. The metro disposable cig is a great alternative that you can enjoy anytime and they make a great conversation piece at special occasions, parties, or events. And, they also make a perfect gift for family, co-workers, and friends.

Traditional cigarettes contain all kinds of harmful substances like tar, carbon monoxide, and hard to pronouce chemicals. But, metro e cigs don’t contain any of those things. They make a great cigarette substitute. And to top it all off, there isn’t any smoke either! So, that means no flame, ash, or second hand smoke. With an electronic cig you can now smoke almost everywhere you couldn’t smoke before whether you’re in restaurant, train, or shopping. You can even puff away at sporting events, taxis, and some movie theatres! Virtually everywhere you were turned away for smoking before, your metro disposable cig can go.

If you’re looking for the best disposable electronic cigarette review then metro 7 from nicotek is the way to go. And, they come in different flavors. You can choose between regular and menthol. Check them out and buy e cigs here.

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Vape Away the Cons of Smoking Cigarettes

With all the cons of smoking cigarettes, there is absolutely no reason for you to keep throwing away your money on these ridiculously high prices and taxes. You can get a much healthier, affordable option with electronic cigarettes.

The New York Times recently reported that lower income smokers will spend significantly more on cigarettes than smokers with higher incomes. Startling? Consider this: one study by Public Health and Policy stated finding that smokers in New York who earn less than 30 grand a year will spend over 25% of their yearly income on tobacco. Compare that to the wealthier New York smokers who on average spend much, much less, only 2% of their income on smokes. Now, let’s state the obvious: the more money you make, the less you’re going to spend on any product as percentage of your total yearly income.

But, still, there are some important conclusions we can learn from the study… Cheaper e-cigs are a good alternative to smoking tobacco. And that is valid if you’re living in Georgia, Italy, or Boston! Every year the taxes on tobacco ramp up. Governments are constantly try to curb tobacco consumption by taxing punitively.

How much can you save?
The traditional pack of tobacco cigs can run you around $6. Once you get a starter kit with rechargeable batteries all you’ll have to replace often is the cartridge on your smokeless cig. Just one cartridge is equal to nearly a full pack! And it’ll only cost about $2. You’ll save almost 4 buck in each pack.

You’ll waste less as well. Ever want to take a couple drags and that’s it? With tobacco smokes, you’ll just end up throwing the rest away. Not with ecigs though. Take a couple puffs and put it away for later.

You’ll get hundreds of puffs on an electronic cigarette. And you’ll spend about 40% less money doing so. If you choose to vape with rechargeable ecigs you’ll save even more!
Not only could ecigs save you money. But, there are lots of other benefits as well:
Ecigs have no flame, tar, or smoke. So, there’s also no ashtrays, matches, lighters, or second hand smoke. You can vape almost anywhere!

With all of the cons of smoking cigarettes, why not try electronic cigs? You might want to get a starter kit.  It has everything you need to begin vaping.  Get it here.

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The Electronic Smokeless Cigarette Is A Star

Electronic cigarettes have made it to Hollywood! The popularity of ecigs is growing. And now some of your favorite celebrities have been spotted vaping on the Sunset Strip. Its really no surprise though. Its so much easier, less harmful, and more convenient than smoking tobacco cigs. You can enjoy them in a restaurant, in a hotel room, and pretty much everywhere. So, why wouldn’t celebs want those conveniences and benefits of electronic smokeless cigarettes too?

Katherine Heigl was seen puffing away on The Late Show with David Letterman recently. The Gray’s Anatomy star said, “You blow out water vapor so you’re not harming anyone around you and you’re not harming yourself. I’m essentially humidifying the space.” She’s right. The difference between tobacco smoking and e cigs is that there is no tar, tobacco, hydrocarbons, and additives. Instead, the electronic cig heats up a mixture of water, nicotine, and polyethylene glycol which gives off the vapor to simulate smoking.

In May, Titanic heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio was down in New Orleans puffing away on his smokeless cig between takes of his new film Django Unchained. He doesn’t have to worry about bothering the other actors around him with second hand smoke because there isn’t any! Since there is not tobacco, tar, and flame, there is not smoke or second hand smoke! Instead, the liquid is heated, so Leo can vape all he wants until the director calls “action.”

Lindsay Lohan is famous for her roles in Mean Girls, Freak Friday, and The Parent Trap among others. But, of course, she’s also been in the news for her run-ins with the law. Her recent house arrest didn’t keep her from enjoying her cigs though. Instead of stock piling on the tobacco packs, she instead chose to vape it up hollywood starlet style with a electronic cigarette. And who could blame her? She can’t go anywhere. Not even to the corner store. But with her e-cigs she will get much longer lasting enjoyment. Depending on the nicotine strength she chooses, one ecig cartridge can last as long as 15-25 traditional smokes! Those 35 days on house arrest will disappear like vapor in not time.

Did you see The Tourist? In it Johnny Depp vapes on a train. With all of the restrictions on smoking these days, its no wonder folks are looking for an alternative. If you can’t smoke, then vape instead! And if you don’t feel like taking more than a few drags, you don’t have to worry about wasting the rest of your cig. With e-cigs you can get take a couple puffs and store the rest for your next hankering.

Surely it was just a matter of time before we’d see e-cigs in the hands of hollywood stars. But, its also indicative of the popularity, convenience, and benefits of the electronic smokeless cigarette. Have you seen any famous folks with ecigs? Leave a comment below and let us know.