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What is the propylene glycol electronic cigarettes use?

Electronic-CigarettesThere’s no smoke in ecigs. That’s why they’re the best alternative to folks who want their nicotine but not the harmful cons of smoking. The “smoke” simulated with ecigs is just the product of liquid in the cartridge being heated up by the atomizer into steam or vaporized nicotine. It evaporates within seconds and really has virtually no odor at all. There is not tar or tobacco to worry about. Not even a flame! Having to consume carbon monoxide with your nicotine is a thing of the past.

But there is an additive to ecigs that has some people questioning the safety of smokeless cigs. And that is propylene glycol, or PG. So what is the story behing the propylene glycol electronic cigarettes use to create the vapor? The media has had a heyday over it. So, there is a ton of misinformation out there. Here’s what you should know when you buy ecigs:

Its a colorless, clear, sora syrupy consistency when its at room temperature. The chemical is made by a reaction between water and propylene oxide. Its odorless and tasteless. It has a superb reputation as a safe additive in scores of consumer products including food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.

Specific applications of PG include:

  • Bind flavors with foods and drink.
  • Keep moist face creams body lotions, lipsticks, and deodorant.
  • Stabilize foamy textures in healthcare and cosmetics.

So, why use it? Its a stabilizer. It holds ingredients together. Smokers enjoy the tactile actions of smoking. They want to feel the heat of the drag on their throat. And they also enjoy seeing the results when they exhale. Without PG, the liquid would evaporate really quickly. You wouldn’t see anything. Most of the time its purpose is to keep things like food moist. But in the case of the ecigs, the propylene glycol creates the smokey look to the vapor.

The reason the media went nuts over it is because it has also been used as an additive to non-toxic antifreeze. Notice I said non-toxic. This very important detail was left out of a lof the misleading news out there on the topic. It has lots of use outside of foods, cosmetics, etc. But it is not toxic. The FDA approved proplylence glycol for human consumption. In the human body, PG rapidly coverts into lactic acid. -much like what happens with sugars in our muscles when we exercise. For over 50 years health sensitive products have safelly used PG. It is usually a non-active ingredient. This means that its just included as a carrier of other ingredients.

And thats the same with the of the propylene glycol in electronic cigarettes. So when you buy ecigs you don’t have to worry about a weird unfamiliar additive.  Its just water, nicotine, and the same stuff in your FDA approved foods.

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Electronic Cigarettes – Smoke In Bars, Restaurants, And Even At Work

A new form of cigarette is currently hitting the market in a big way. It is called the electronic cigarette and it offers to effectively simulate the smoking experience, while being healthier and cheaper than regular cigarettes, and perhaps most importantly, completely legal to smoke anywhere you want, including bars and restaurants, the workplace, even on airplanes.

Electronic cigarettes look, feel, and taste like regular cigarettes but function quite differently. They are driven by a small rechargeable battery, and a unique, safe replaceable cartridge containing water, propylene glycol, a scent that emulates the flavor of tobacco, and nicotine. Which means that they are a great way to get your nicotine fix while avoiding all of the cancer causing agents found in traditional cigarettes.

The refillable cartridges come in a variety of nicotine strengths, ranging from full to medium to none, and while electronic cigarettes are not smoking cessation devices per se, the range of nicotine strengths offers some obvious potential as an aid in the fight to quit smoking.

When using electronic cigarettes, the act of inhaling or smoking it produces the tactile sensation and craving satisfactions that smokers seek. When you take a drag from the cigarette, you trigger a vaporizing process that releases a simulated smoke, which is actually a water vapor, which then harmlessly evaporates into the air within a few seconds.

Electronic Cigarettes are rapidly catching on both with smokers concerned with the health risks related to Tobacco as well as smokers who simply want to be able to get their nicotine fix in places where traditional smoking is frowned upon.

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