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The Benefits Of A Non-Nicotine Electronic Cigarette.

Beer lovers the world over have always belittled the non-alcoholic beer as being a colossal waste of time that no-one in their right mind would ever purchase. Someone must be buying them though as it seems as though every major beer company has a non-alcoholic version somewhere in their line-up. Sometimes people who know they have to drive, or who have to work the next day still want to feel as though they are having a drink, and that is exactly where the alcohol free beer becomes king. Those folks can enjoy a brew safe in the knowledge that nothing bad will come from them choking back those suds.

The same arguments were made by e-cig smokers when they heard that a non-nicotine electronic cigarette was being introduced into the already congested market. They all wondered why anyone would ever want to have a cigarette that didn’t contain nicotine, much in the same way that beer lovers slammed the non-alcoholic beer. Yet despite those protests, it looks as though there is a market for just such a cigarette, and it makes sense in much the same way that non-alcoholic beer is.

Beer makers have never suggested that those particular brands should be considered as a quit drinking product in exactly the same way that the makers of electronic cigarettes have never claimed that their products are a smoking cessation tool. Neither one of those products was designed as anything other than an alternative option for smokers and drinkers, and nothing more. The electronic cigarette was designed for smokers that were having problems with the rising prices of their smokes, combined with the fact that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find an area where you are legally allowed to light up.

The non-nicotine electronic cigarette provides an option for those who have already quit smoking, but who miss the feel of holding a cigarette, or who struggle to stay quit when they are out and about with other friends that smoke. That can often be the boot that kicks them off the nicotine wagon and gets them back to smoking, but by having a non-nicotine electronic cigarette, those same folks can feel as though they are really smoking, but without actually getting any of the addictive stuff when they puff.

It’s well known that quitting is just a mental challenge, but also a physical one. Thinks about friends or family members who have tried to quit smoking and then think about their actions during the process. How often did you catch them fiddling with things in their fingers or sucking on a pen or pencil in a similar fashion to the way that they would attack a cigarette? The answer is probably pretty often, and while electronic cigarettes are not the answer for those looking to kick the habit for good, the non-nicotine version could actually be a help to those who already have and who want to keep it that way permanently.

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