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The Electronic Smokeless Cigarette Is A Star

Electronic cigarettes have made it to Hollywood! The popularity of ecigs is growing. And now some of your favorite celebrities have been spotted vaping on the Sunset Strip. Its really no surprise though. Its so much easier, less harmful, and more convenient than smoking tobacco cigs. You can enjoy them in a restaurant, in a hotel room, and pretty much everywhere. So, why wouldn’t celebs want those conveniences and benefits of electronic smokeless cigarettes too?

Katherine Heigl was seen puffing away on The Late Show with David Letterman recently. The Gray’s Anatomy star said, “You blow out water vapor so you’re not harming anyone around you and you’re not harming yourself. I’m essentially humidifying the space.” She’s right. The difference between tobacco smoking and e cigs is that there is no tar, tobacco, hydrocarbons, and additives. Instead, the electronic cig heats up a mixture of water, nicotine, and polyethylene glycol which gives off the vapor to simulate smoking.

In May, Titanic heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio was down in New Orleans puffing away on his smokeless cig between takes of his new film Django Unchained. He doesn’t have to worry about bothering the other actors around him with second hand smoke because there isn’t any! Since there is not tobacco, tar, and flame, there is not smoke or second hand smoke! Instead, the liquid is heated, so Leo can vape all he wants until the director calls “action.”

Lindsay Lohan is famous for her roles in Mean Girls, Freak Friday, and The Parent Trap among others. But, of course, she’s also been in the news for her run-ins with the law. Her recent house arrest didn’t keep her from enjoying her cigs though. Instead of stock piling on the tobacco packs, she instead chose to vape it up hollywood starlet style with a electronic cigarette. And who could blame her? She can’t go anywhere. Not even to the corner store. But with her e-cigs she will get much longer lasting enjoyment. Depending on the nicotine strength she chooses, one ecig cartridge can last as long as 15-25 traditional smokes! Those 35 days on house arrest will disappear like vapor in not time.

Did you see The Tourist? In it Johnny Depp vapes on a train. With all of the restrictions on smoking these days, its no wonder folks are looking for an alternative. If you can’t smoke, then vape instead! And if you don’t feel like taking more than a few drags, you don’t have to worry about wasting the rest of your cig. With e-cigs you can get take a couple puffs and store the rest for your next hankering.

Surely it was just a matter of time before we’d see e-cigs in the hands of hollywood stars. But, its also indicative of the popularity, convenience, and benefits of the electronic smokeless cigarette. Have you seen any famous folks with ecigs? Leave a comment below and let us know.